The oldest wine house
in Valais

Bonvin 1858 is the oldest wine house in Valais. It has greatly contributed to the reputation of Swiss wines and more particularly of the appellation d’origine contrôlée Valais, a label for the designation of original Valais produce.

Charles Bonvin cultivates 23.5 hectares of vineyards on the best slopes of central Valais. Terraced vineyards facing ideally south on dry schist limestone soil result in the remarkable minerality of the wines.

The exceptional location of the Bonvin domains cultivated according to integrated production techniques and the cave equipped with modern production facilities explain the success of the aptly-named wines.

The awards received in various competitions and the title as Swiss Winery of the Year in 2014 bear witness to an extraordinary traditional craftsmanship, refined in more than 150 vintages.

In 1992, the Maison Bonvin joined with Philippe Varone Vins to create Les Celliers de Champsec with the aim of developing synergies. Today, the two partners have intensified their cooperation by creating a joint sales team and the first Oenoparc in Switzerland below the spectacular terraced vineyards. The Celliers de Sion headed by David Héritier stand out as a privileged meeting point between customers and artisan wine producers.

23.5 ha of vineyards

Swiss Winery of the year 2014

150 vintages

David Héritier

The Celliers de Sion

Charles Bonvin 1858